Tuesday, 11th April 2006

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Dennis Haysbert
Jonas Blane
Regina Taylor
Molly Blane
Robert Patrick
Colonel Tom Ryan
Audrey Marie Anderson
Kim Brown
Max Martini
Mack Gerhardt
Abby Brammell
Tiffy Gerhardt
Michael Irby
Charles Grey
Demore Barnes
Hector Williams
Scott Foley
Bob Brown
Marshall Manesh
Navid Negahban
Colm Meaney
Charge D'Affaires
Bruce Wright
U.S. Ambassador
Matt McKenzie
Security Chief
Christopher Kaldor
Rick Eno (as Chris Kaldor)
Mozhan MarnĂ²
Protocol Chief (as Mozhan Marno)
Cas Anvar
1st Iranian Diplomat
Ethan Rains
Iranian Embassy Guard (as Iman Nazemzadeh)