Inspector Morse
Day of the Devil

Wednesday, 13th January 1993

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John Thaw
Chief Inspector Morse
Kevin Whately
Detective Sergeant Lewis
Keith Allen
Harriet Walter
Dr. Esther Martin
Patrick O'Connell
Jack Vaizey
Anthony Hunt
Young Porter
Lloyd McGuire
John Bleasdale
Desk Sergeant
Aran Bell
PC Pringle
Richard Graham
PC Cobbs
James Grout
Chief Superintendent Strange
Susan Ellen Flynn
Patrick Drury
Frank McTeer
Peter Atard
Mack Shaw (as Peter Attard)
Wayne Norman
Larry Broomfield
Nicola Scott
1st Press Person
Richard Hodder
2nd Press Person
Richard Griffiths
Canon Humphrey Appleton
Jacqueline Leonard
Miss Sarah Spillers
David Griffith
Timothy Perry
Katrina Levon
WPC Nora Curtis
Gilly Coman
Holly Trevors
Michael Culver
Maugham Willowbank
Gavin Richards
Steven Trevors
Rob Dixon
TV Press Man
Pamela Jikiemi
Press Person
Martyn Read
Sergeant Brenner
Nick Hobbs
Night Hawk 2
Andy Bradford
Night Hawk 3 (as Andrew Bradford)
Bill McCabe
Naomi Capron
Identikit Officer
Sarah Booth
Jane Post
Mike Murray
Mr. Fox
Kevin Stoney
Heironymous St John
Beverley Klein
Tony Collins
Martin Gower
Fingerprint Officer
Janis Kelly
Singer of Massenet Aria (voice)
Colin Dexter