The Invisible Man
Point of Destruction

Saturday, 26th September 1959
 6:00 pm ITV

First broadcast on ATV London 12 April 1959.

Aircraft testing a new fuel diffuser keep crashing. The Invisible Man steps in to help discover the cause, which is sabotage, naturally.

OK episode that suffers from a lack of definition. Why the fuel diffuser is so important is never explained, nor why the bad guys want to prevent it being developed. Probably the best thing about this one is to see long-time extra Victor Harrington actually get a couple of lines of dialogue!

-Dave W.

Saturday, 26th September 1959ITV1800Invisible ManPoint of Destruction

Duncan Lamont
D. J. Scott
Lisa Daniely
Diane Brady WIlson
Deborah Watling
Sally Wilson
John Rudling
Dr. James Court
Patricia Jessel
Derren Nesbitt
Jane Barrett
Barry Letts
Control Officer Richards
Johnny Scripps
Dr. Peter Brady (Invisible)
Tim Turner
Voice: Dr. Peter Brady
Alfred Burke
Bob, Test Pilot (uncredited)
Barman (uncredited)
Scott's Assistant
Victor Harrington
Technician (uncredited)
Peter Perkins
Air Controller
Detective (uncredited)

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