And Then There Was One

Thursday, 20th January 1972
 9:00 pm NBC

Thursday, 20th January 1972NBC2100IronsideAnd Then There Was One
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Raymond Burr
Robert T. Ironside
Don Galloway
Det. Sgt. Ed Brown
Don Mitchell
Mark Sanger
Elizabeth Baur
Fran Belding
Scott Hylands
Joe Grainger
Percy Rodrigues
Bo Hopkins
Gregg Hewitt
Frank Maxwell
Major Haggerty
Richard Young
Steve Winters
Richard Young
Steve Winters
Christine Dickinson
Marge Grainger (as Christine Dixon)
Felton Perry
Pamela Jones
Helen Potter
Harrison Page
Sid Potter
Vic Tayback
Henry Garrison
Phillip Clark
Vince Atkins
Virginia Gregg
Miss Wilson
Karen Carlson
Gracie Atkins
Wallace Earl Laven
Tom Pittman
Second Detective