Marcus Welby, M.D.
No Gods in Sight

Tuesday, 12th November 1974
10:00 pm ABC

Tuesday, 12th November 1974ABC2200Marcus Welby, M.D.No Gods in Sight
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Robert Young
Dr. Marcus Welby
James Brolin
Dr. Steven Kiley
Elena Verdugo
Consuelo Lopez
Carl Betz
Dr. Simon Bryant
Elaine Devry
Shelia Bryant
Jane Actman
Ellen Welton
Sharon Gless
Kathleen Faverty
Michael Richardson
Fred Dickerson
Dran Hamilton
First Nurse
Jason Laskay
Dr. Ed Cookson
Melissa Greene
Rhoda Waring (as Melissa Green)
Richard Marion
Bob Lloyd
Peter D. Greene
Dr. Neal Simms
Keith Atkinson
Dr. Sam Anders
Suza Barr
Second Nurse