Perry Mason
Case of the Brazen Bequest

Saturday, 2nd December 1961
 7:30 pm CBS

Saturday, 2nd December 1961CBS1930Perry MasonCase of the Brazen Bequest
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Elvia Allman
Julia Slovak
William Allyn
Robert Haskell
Phyllis Avery
Mary Cromwell
Frank Behrens
autopsy surgeon
Morris Erby
Richard Geary
deputy sheriff
Alan Hewitt
Dr. Marcus Tate
Charles Irving
the Judge
Joseph Julian
Dept DA Horner
Herbert Lytton
motel clerk
Strother Martin
Pete Gibson
James Millhollin
Prof. Grove
Mort Mills
Sgt. Landro
Sally Mills
Nurse Talbot
Nelson Olmsted
Dr. Hunterlin
Ernest Sarracino
Rafael Sandoval
Sandy Shaffer
college girl
Barbara Stuart
Maizie Freitag
Charles Tannen
Karl Weber
Charles Cromwell
Dick Whittinghill
John Wilder
Dick Wilson
Will Wright
James Varden