Power Rangers Megaforce
Dream Snatcher

Saturday, 5th October 2013

Dream feeding monster is powered up by Bigs and Bluefur and set loose on the populace, Pink Power Ranger, Emma, falls victim too.

Undemanding fare with blatantly unsubtle moral message and merchandizing.

Andrew M. Gray
Troy Burrows
Ciara Hanna
Gia Moran
John Mark Loudermilk
Noah Carver
Christina Masterson
Emma Goodall
Azim Rizk
Jake Holling
Shailesh Prajapati
Ian Harcourt
Mr. Burley
Ashton Brown
Graham Candy
Tai McKenzie
Young Jogger
Ella Beecroft
Young Woman (as Ella Becroft)
Ina Repiza
Little Girl
Geoff Dolan
Gosei (Voice)
Chris Auer
Robo Knight (Voice)
Campbell Cooley
Admiral Malkor (Voice)
Jason Hood
Vrak (Voice)
Charlie McDermott
Bigs (Voice)
Jay Simon
Bluefur (Voice)
Joseph Rye
Dream Snatcher (Voice)