A Question of Priorities

Wednesday, 14th October 1970
 8:00 pm Midlands

Wednesday, 14th October 1970Midlands2000UFOA Question of Priorities
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Barnaby Shaw
John Rutland
Ed Bishop
Cmdr. Ed Straker
George Sewell
Col. Alec Freeman
Keith Alexander
Lt. Keith Ford
Dolores Mantez
Nina Barry
Gabrielle Drake
Lt. Gaye Ellis
Suzanne Neve
Mary Rutland
Philip Madoc
David Cargill
Car Driver
Andrea Allan
Penny Spencer
SHADO Operative
Peter Halliday
Dr. Segan
Peter Gordeno
Capt. Peter Carlin
Norma Ronald
Miss Ealand
Ayshea Brough
SHADO Operative
Mary Merrall
Mrs. O'Connor
Russell Napier
Dr. Green
Richard Aylen
Jon Kelley
Skydiver Engineer
Jeremy Wilkin
Skydiver Navigator Lt. Gordon Maxwell
Georgina Moon
Skydiver Operative Lt. Sylvia Howell
Gary Myers
Lew Waterman
Mel Oxley
Space Intruder Detector SID (voice)
Dawn Perry