The Very Merry Widow
Square Meals at Round Tables

Monday, 4th December 1967
 7:30 pm BBC1

Monday, 4th December 1967BBC11930Very Merry WidowSquare Meals at Round Tables
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Moira Lister
Jacqui Villiers
Beryl Reid
Mrs. Breasley
Ballard Berkeley
Mr. Leitch
Shirley Cooklin
Mrs. Mendelssohn
Doris Gilmore
Mrs. Lambert
Rosamund Greenwood
Mrs. Leitch
Donald Hewlett
Freddie Phillipson
Diana King
Mavis Anstruther
David Lawton
Mr. Mendelssohn
Anthony Sharp
Bank Manager
Molly Urquhart
Mrs. Frayle
Sidney Vivian
Mr. Lambert