Beacon Hill
The Colonel and the Fawn

Tuesday, 2nd September 1975

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Susan Blanchard
Maureen Mahaffey
Roy Cooper
Trevor Bullock
David Dukes
Robert Lassiter
Stephen Elliott
Benjamin Lassiter
Edward Herrmann
Richard Palmer
Nancy Marchand
Mary Lassiter
Maeve McGuire
Maude Palmer
DeAnn Mears
Emily Bullock
Michael Nouri
Giorgio Bullock
Linda Purl
Betsy Bullock
George Rose
Arthur Hacker
David Rounds
Terence O'Hara
Paul Rudd
Brian Mallory
Barry Snider
Harry Emmett
Beatrice Straight
Mrs. Hacker
Sydney Swire
Holland Taylor
Marilyn Gardiner
Kathryn Walker
Fawn Lassiter
Richard Ward
William Piper
Kitty Winn
Rosamond Lassiter
Don Blakely
Grant Piper