The Bill
Saturday Blues

Thursday, 2nd February 1989

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Eric Richard
Sgt. Cryer
Christopher Ellison
D.I. Burnside
Tony Scannell
D.S. Roach
Nula Conwell
W.P.C. Martella
Eamonn Walker
P.C. Haynes
Nick Reding
P.C. Ramsey
Roger Leach
Sgt. Penny
Robert Hudson
P.C. Smith
Colin Blumenau
P.C. Edwards
Mark Powley
P.C. Melvin
Kevin Lloyd
D.C. Lines
Tim Munro
Terry Palmer
Sally Smith
Bride's Mother
Matthew Long
Bride's Father
Roy Skelton
Bridesmaid's father
Hugh Armstrong
Billy Baines
Geoffrey Cheshire
Guest 1
Adrienne Burgess
Julia Chambers
Woman Doctor
Nadio Fortune
Dog Owner