The Farmer had a Wife

Sunday, 2nd November 1980

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Trevor Eve
Eddie Shoestring
Michael Medwin
Don Satchley
Liz Crowther
Doran Godwin
Erica Bayliss
Iain Anders
Joe, Bowls Player
Kevin Brennan
Hong Kong Herbert
Ian Brimble
Rowing Rough
Daniel Day-Lewis
Yvonne Gilan
Rosemary Mortimer
Gay Hamilton
Claire Wilson
Arthur Hewlett
Jim, Bowls Player
Ronald Hines
David Mortimer
John Kidd
Mollie Maureen
Mother Superior
David Millett
Police Sergeant
Trevor Nichols
Police Constable
Charles Pemberton
Court Officer
Pam St. Clement
Gladys Robinson
Gary Watson
Christopher Knightley
Ann Way
Mrs. Atwell