Burke's Law
Who Killed Avery Lord?

Friday, 6th March 1964
 8:30 pm ABC

Friday, 6th March 1964ABC2030Burke's LawWho Killed Avery Lord?
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Gene Barry
Capt. Amos Burke
Gary Conway
Det. Tim Tilson
Regis Toomey
Det. Les Hart
Leon Lontoc
Broderick Crawford
Hamilton Talbert
Felicia Farr
Whitney Kelly
Chill Wills
Stanton Custer
Ed Wynn
Zachary Belden
Linda Foster
Lewis Charles
George Merwin
Milton Parsons
Male Tenant
John Damler
Avery Lord
Maurine Dawson
Female Tenant
Henry Hunter
French Head Waiter
George Bruggeman
Police Officer
Shep Houghton
Tom Kennedy
Warehouse Worker
Joe Ploski
Warehouse Worker
Cap Somers
Warehouse Worker