All Creatures Great and Small

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Horse Sense01/08/1978 7:15 pmBBC1UK19
Dogs Days01/15/1978 7:15 pmBBC1UK14
1It Takes All Kinds01/22/1978BBC1UK11
1Calf Love01/29/1978BBC1UK13
Out Of Practice02/05/1978BBC1UK14
1Nothing Like Experience02/12/1978BBC1UK15
Golden Lads And Girls02/19/1978BBC1UK14
1Advice & Consent02/26/1978BBC1UK11
1The Last Furlong03/05/1978BBC1UK14
1Sleeping Partners03/12/1978BBC1UK14
1Bulldog Breed03/19/1978BBC1UK12
Practise Makes Perfect03/26/1978BBC1UK14
Breath Of Life04/16/1978BBC1UK10
Cats And Dogs09/23/1978 7:40 pmBBC1UK10
2Cats and Dogs09/23/1978BBC1UK
2Attendant Problems09/30/1978 7:40 pmBBC1UK10
Fair Means And Fowl10/07/1978 7:40 pmBBC1UK13
2Fair Means and Fowl10/07/1978BBC1UK
The Beauty And The Beast10/14/1978 7:40 pmBBC1UK9
2The Beauty of the Beast10/14/1978BBC1UK
2Judgement Day10/21/1978 7:40 pmBBC1UK2218
2Faint Hearts10/28/1978 7:45 pmBBC1UK20
Tricks Of The Trade11/04/1978BBC1UK1716
2Tricks of the Trade11/04/1978BBC1UK
Pride Of Posession11/11/1978BBC1UK119
2Pride of Possession11/11/1978BBC1UK
The Name Of The Game11/18/1978BBC1UK14
2The Name of the Game11/18/1978BBC1UK
2Puppy Love11/25/1978 7:40 pmBBC1UK1512
Ways And Means12/02/1978BBC1UK13
2Ways and Means12/02/1978BBC1UK
Pups, Pigs And Pickles12/09/1978BBC1UK8
2Pups, Pigs and Pickle12/09/1978BBC1UK
2A Dog's Life12/16/1978 7:40 pmBBC1UK1717
2Merry Gentlemen12/24/1978BBC1UK
Plenty to Grouse About12/29/1978BBC1UK1
Charity Begins at Home01/05/1980BBC1UK
3Every Dog His Day...01/12/1980BBC1UK
3Hair of the Dog01/19/1980BBC1UK
3If Wishes Were Horses01/26/1980BBC1UK
3Pig in the Middle02/02/1980BBC1UK
3Be Prepared02/09/1980BBC1UK
3A Dying Breed02/16/1980BBC1UK
3Brink of Disaster02/23/1980BBC1UK
3Home and Away03/01/1980 7:10 pmBBC1UK
Alarms & Excursions03/08/1980BBC1UK
3Matters of Life and Death03/15/1980BBC1UK
3Will to Live03/22/1980BBC1UK
3Big Steps and Little 'Uns04/05/1980BBC1UK
The Lord God Made Them All12/25/1983BBC1UK2419
31983 Special12/25/1983BBC1UK
The Lord God Made Them All12/25/1985BBC1UK2520
31985 Special12/25/1985BBC1UK
4One of Nature's Little Miracles01/17/1988BBC1UK2315
4Barks And Bites01/24/1988BBC1UK208
4The Bull With The Bowler Hat01/31/1988BBC1UK178
4The Pig Man Cometh02/07/1988BBC1UK209
4Hail Caesar!02/14/1988BBC1UK
4Only One Wolf02/21/1988BBC1UK
4Ace, King, Queen, Jack02/28/1988BBC1UK
4The Healing Touch03/06/1988BBC1UK
4City Slicker03/13/1988BBC1UK
4For Richer For Poorer03/20/1988BBC1UK
Against The Odds09/03/1988BBC1UK
Place Of Honour09/10/1988BBC1UK
Choose A Bright Morning09/17/1988BBC1UK17
The Playing Field09/24/1988BBC1UK
When Dreams Come True10/01/1988BBC1UK
A New Chapter10/08/1988 8:15 pmBBC1UK2120
A Present From Dublin10/15/1988BBC1UK
The Salt Of The Earth10/22/1988BBC1UK
Cheques And Balances10/29/1988BBC1UK
The Female Of The Species11/05/1988BBC1UK
The Jackpot11/12/1988BBC1UK
Two Of A Kind11/19/1988BBC1UK
Here And There09/02/1989BBC1UK
The Course Of True Love09/09/1989BBC1UK
The Call Of The Wild09/16/1989BBC1UK1413
The Nelson Touch09/23/1989BBC1UK
Blood & Water09/30/1989BBC1UK10
Where Sheep May Safely Graze10/07/1989BBC1UK1514
The New World10/14/1989 8:00 pmBBC1UK1613
Mending Fences10/21/1989BBC1UK
Big Fish, Little Fish10/28/1989BBC1UK
In Whom We Trust11/04/1989BBC1UK
The Rough And The Smooth11/11/1989BBC1UK
The Best Time11/18/1989BBC1UK
The Prodigal Returns09/01/1990BBC1UK
Knowin' How To Do It09/08/1990BBC1UK
If Music Be The Food Of Love09/15/1990BBC1UK
Knowin' How to Do It09/18/1990BBC1UK
A Friend For Life09/22/1990BBC1UK
Spring Fever09/29/1990BBC1UK
Out With The New10/06/1990BBC1UK11
Food For Thought10/13/1990BBC1UK
A Cat In Hull's Chance10/20/1990BBC1UK
A Grand Memory For Forgetting10/27/1990BBC1UK
Old Dogs, New Tricks11/03/1990BBC1UK10
Promises To Keep11/17/1990BBC1UK
Brotherly Love12/24/1990BBC1UK22