Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Awakening: Part 1 & 209/13/1979USA5014
Planet of the Slave Girls: Parts 1 & 209/27/1979USA2320
Vegas in Space10/04/1979USA1715
The Plot to Kill a City: Part 110/11/1979USA
The Plot to Kill a City: Part 210/18/1979USA
Return of the Fighting 69th10/25/1979USA
Unchained Woman11/01/1979USA
Planet of the Amazon Women11/08/1979USA11
Cosmic Whiz Kid11/15/1979USA
Escape from Wedded Bliss11/29/1979USA
Cruise Ship to the Stars12/27/1979USA
Space Vampire01/03/1980USA
Happy Birthday, Buck01/10/1980USA
A Blast for Buck01/17/1980USA
Ardala Returns01/24/1980USA
Twiki Is Missing01/31/1980USA
A Dream of Jennifer02/14/1980USA
Space Rockers02/21/1980USA
Buck's Duel to the Death03/20/1980USA
Flight of the War Witch: Part 203/27/1980USA
Time of the Hawk: Part 201/15/1981USA
Journey to Oasis01/22/1981USA
The Guardians01/29/1981USA
Mark of the Saurian02/05/1981USA
The Golden Man02/19/1981USA
The Crystals03/05/1981USA
The Satyr03/12/1981USA
The Hand of the Goral03/26/1981USA
Testimony of a Traitor04/09/1981USA
The Dorian Secret04/16/1981USA