Ghost Story

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The New House03/17/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA98
1The Dead We Leave Behind09/15/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA7
1The Concrete Captain09/22/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA6
1At the Cradle Foot09/29/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA10
1Bad Connection10/06/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA10
1The Summer House10/13/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA101
1Alter-Ego10/27/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA7
1Half a Death11/03/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA9
1House of Evil11/10/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA88
1Cry of the Cat11/24/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA10
1Elegy for a Vampire12/01/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA8
1Touch of Madness12/08/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA10
1Creatures of the Canyon12/15/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA7
1Time of Terror12/22/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA14
1Death's Head01/05/1973 9:00 pmNBCUSA6
1Dark Vengeance01/12/1973 9:00 pmNBCUSA3
1Earth, Air, Fire and Water01/19/1973 9:00 pmNBCUSA8
1Doorway to Death01/26/1973 9:00 pmNBCUSA6
1Legion of Demons02/02/1973 9:00 pmNBCUSA7
1Graveyard Shift02/16/1973 9:00 pmNBCUSA14
1Spare Parts02/23/1973 9:00 pmNBCUSA9
1The Ghost of Potter's Field03/23/1973 9:00 pmNBCUSA9
1The Phantom of Herald Square03/30/1973 9:00 pmNBCUSA5