Last of the Summer Wine

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Of Funerals and Fish01/04/197310
1Short Back & Palais Glide11/12/1973 9:25 pmBBC1UK2
1Inventor of the Forty Foot Ferret11/19/19732
1Pate and Chips11/26/197398
1Spring Fever12/03/197388
1The New Mobile Trio12/10/1973107
1Hail Smiling Morn or Thereabouts12/17/19732
2Forked Lightning03/05/19751110
2Who's That Dancing with Nora Batty, Then? 03/12/19751010
2The Changing Face of Rural Blamire03/19/197577
2Some Enchanted Evening03/26/19751110
2A Quiet Drink04/02/1975 9:25 pmBBC1UK1311
2Ballad for Wind Instruments and Canoe04/08/197576
2Northern Flying Circus04/16/197586
3The Man from Oswestry10/27/19762
3Mending Stuart's Leg11/03/1976 9:25 pmBBC1UK1110
3The Great Boarding-House Bathroom Caper11/10/1976 9:35 pmBBC1UK3
3Cheering Up Gordon11/17/19763
3The Kink in Foggy's Niblick11/24/19762
3Going to Gordon's Wedding12/01/19763
3Isometrics and After12/08/19763
4Ferret Come Home11/09/1977 9:35 pmBBC1UK76
4Getting on Sydney's Wire 11/16/19773
4Flower Power Cut11/30/19773
4Who Made a Bit of Splash in Wales, Then? 12/07/19772
4A Merry Heatwave01/01/19783
4The Bandit from Stoke-On-Trent01/04/19783
4Small Tune on a Penny Wassail12/26/19783
5Full Steam Behind09/18/19792
5The Flag and Its Snags 09/25/19793
5The Flag and Further Snags10/02/19791111
5Deep in the Heart of Yorkshire10/09/19793
5Earnshaw Strikes Again10/16/197997
5Here We Go into the Wild Blue Yonder10/23/197987
5Here We Go Again into the Wild Blue Yonder10/30/19793
5And a Dewhurst Up a Fir Tree12/27/1979 8:30 pmBBC1UK87
6In the Service of Humanity01/04/198287
6Car and Garter01/11/19823
6The Odd Dog Men01/18/19823
6A Bicycle Made for Three01/25/1982 9:25 pmBBC1UK98
6One of the Last Few Places Unexplored by Man02/01/19823
6Serenade for Tight Jeans and Metal Detector02/08/19823
6From Wellies to Wet Suit02/15/1982 9:25 pmBBC1UK3
6All Mod Conned12/25/19823
7The Frozen Turkey Man01/30/19833
7The White Man's Grave02/06/198377
7The Waist Land02/13/19833
7Cheering Up Ludovic02/20/19833
7The Three Astaires02/27/19833
7The Arts of Concealment03/06/19833
7Getting Sam Home12/27/198323
7The Loxley Lozenge12/30/19843
8The Mysterious Feet of Nora Batty02/10/19853
8Keeping Britain Tidy02/17/19853
8Enter the Phantom02/24/19853
8Catching Digby's Donkey03/03/19851313
8The Woollenmills on Your Mind 03/10/19851111
8Who's Looking After the Cafe then?03/17/19851515
8Uncle of the Bride01/01/19861817
9Why Does Norman Clegg Buy Ladies' Elastic Stockings?01/04/19861313
9The Heavily Reinforced Bottom01/11/19861515
9The Really Masculine Purse01/25/19863
9Who's Feeling Ejected, Then? 02/01/19863
9The Ice-Cream Man Cometh 02/08/19861313
9Set the People Free02/15/19863
9Go with the Flow02/22/19863
9Edie and the Automobile03/07/19861413
9Wind Power03/15/198699
9When You Take a Good Bite, Yorkshire Tastes Terrible03/22/19861111
9Merry Christmas, Father Christmas12/28/19863
9Dried Dates and Codfanglers01/18/1987 7:15 pmBBC1UK99
9Big Day at Dream Acre 12/27/19873
10The Experiment10/16/19881212
10The Treasure of the Deep10/23/19883
10Dancing Feet10/30/19883
10That Certain Smile11/06/19883
10Downhill Racing 11/13/19883
10Day of the Welsh Ferret 11/20/19883
11Come Back Jack Harry Teesdale10/15/19893
11The Kiss and Mavis Poskit10/22/19893
11Oh Shut Up and Eat Your Choc Ice 10/29/19893
11Who's That Bloke with Nora Batty, Then? 11/05/19893
11Happy Aniversary, Gough and Jessie 11/12/19893
11Getting Barry Higher in the World11/19/19893
11Three Men and a Mangle11/26/19893
11What's Santa Bought for Nora, Then?12/23/19893
12Return of the Warrior09/02/19901513
12Come in Sunray Major09/09/19903
12The Charity Balls09/16/19901514
12Walking Stiff Can Make You Famous09/23/19903
12That's Not Captain Zero09/30/19901716
12Das 'Welly' Boot 10/07/19903
12The Empire That Foggy Nearly Built10/14/19903
12The Last Surviving Maurice Chevalier Impression10/21/19903
12Roll On10/28/19903
12A Landlady for Smiler11/04/19903
12Barry's Christmas12/27/1990 8:00 pmBBC1UK3
13Quick, Quick, Slow10/18/19913
13Give Us a Lift10/25/19913
13Was That Nora Batty Singing?11/01/19913
13Cash Flow Problems 11/08/19913
13Passing the Earring11/15/19913
13Pole Star11/29/19913
13Situations Vacant12/22/19913
14By the Magnificent Thighs of Ernie Burniston10/25/19923
14Errol Flynn Used to Have a Pair Like That11/01/19923
14The Phantom of the Graveyard11/08/19923
14The Self-Propelled Salad Strainer11/15/19923
14Ordeal by Trousers11/22/19923
14Happy Birthday Howard 11/29/19923
14Who's Got Rhythm?12/06/19923
14Camera Shy12/13/19921412
14Stop That Castle!12/26/19923
15How to Clear Your Pipes10/24/19933
15Where There's Smoke, There's Barbecue 10/31/19933
15The Black Widow11/07/19933
15Have You Got a Light Mate?11/14/19933
15Concerto for Solo Bicycle11/21/1993152
15Stop That Bath11/28/19933
15Springing Smiler12/05/19933
15There Are Gypsies at the Bottom of Our Garden12/12/19933
15Aladdin Gets on Your Wick12/19/19933
15Welcome to Earth12/27/19933
16The Man Who Nearly Knew Pavarotti01/01/19951717
16The Glory Hole01/08/19953
16Adopted by a Stray01/15/19953
16The Defeat of the Stoneworm01/22/19953
16Once in a Moonlit Junkyard01/29/19953
16The Space Ace02/05/19953
16The Most Powerful Eyeballs in West Yorkshire02/12/19953
16The Dewhirsts of Ogleby Hall02/19/19953
16The Sweet Smell of Excess02/26/19953
17Leaving Home Forever or Till Teatime 09/03/19953
17Bicycle Bonanza09/10/19953
17Glamour of the Uniform 09/17/19953
17The First Human Being to Ride a Hill09/24/19953
17Captain Clutterbuck's Treasure10/01/19953
17Desperate for a Duffield10/08/19953
17The Suit That Turned Left10/15/19953
17Beware of the Elbow10/22/19953
17The Thing in Wesley's Shed10/29/19953
17Brushes at Dawn11/05/19953
17A Leg Up for Christmas12/24/19951817
17Extra! Extra!12/29/19963
18The Love-Mobile 04/20/19973
18A Clean Sweep04/27/19973
18The Mysterious C.W. Northrop05/04/19973
18A Double for Howard05/11/19973
18How to Create a Monster05/18/19973
18Deviations with Davenport05/25/1997 9:25 amGOLDUK3
18According to the Prophet Bickerdyke06/01/199710:00 amGOLDUK3
18Next Kiss Please06/08/199710:40 amGOLDUK3
18Destiny and Six Bananas06/15/19973
18A Sidecar Named Desire06/22/19973
18There Goes the Groom12/28/19973
19Beware of the Oglethorpe01/04/1998 3:40 pmGOLDUK3
19Tarzan of the Towpath01/11/1998 4:20 pmGOLDUK3
19Truly and the Hole Truth01/18/199810:45 amGOLDUK3
19Oh Howard, We Should Get One of Those01/25/199811:20 amGOLDUK3
19The Suit That Attracts Blondes02/01/199812:00 pmGOLDUK3
19The Only Diesel Saxophone in Captivity02/08/19983
19Perfection-Thy Name Is Ridley02/15/19983
19Nowhere Particular02/22/199811:40 amGOLDUK3
19From Audrey Nash to the Widow Dilhooley03/01/1998 3:20 pmGOLDUK3
19Support Your Local Skydiver03/08/1998 4:00 pmGOLDUK3
20The Pony Set04/18/1999 4:40 pmGOLDUK3
20How Errol Flynn Discovered the Secret Scar of Nora Batty04/25/19993
20Who's Thrown Her Tom Cruise Photographs Away? 05/02/199910:30 amGOLDUK3
20What Happened to Barry's Nose 05/16/19993
20Optimism in the Housing Market05/23/1999 3:40 pmGOLDUK3
20Will Barry Go Septic Despite Listening to Classical Music?05/30/19993
20Beware the Vanilla Slice06/06/1999 5:00 pmGOLDUK3
20Howard Throws a Wobbler06/13/1999 3:40 pmGOLDUK3
20The Phantom Number 14 Bus06/20/1999 4:20 pmGOLDUK3
20Ironing Day06/27/1999 5:00 pmGOLDUK3
20Last Post and Pigeon01/02/2000 9:45 amGOLDUK2322
21Lipstick and Other Problems04/02/200011:05 amGOLDUK3
21Under the Rug04/09/2000 3:50 pmGOLDUK3
21Magic and the Morris Minor04/16/2000 4:25 pmGOLDUK17
21Elegy for Fallen Wellies04/23/2000 5:00 pmGOLDUK14
21Surprise at Throstlenest04/30/2000 3:55 pmGOLDUK2
21Just a Small Funeral05/07/2000 4:30 pmGOLDUK2
21From Here to Paternity05/14/2000 5:10 pmGOLDUK2
21Some Vans Can Make You Deaf05/21/2000 3:50 pmGOLDUK2
21Waggoners Roll05/28/20002
21I Didn't Know Barry Could Play06/04/2000 5:05 pmGOLDUK2
22Getting Barry's Goat04/01/2001 7:20 pmBBC1UK2019
22The Missing Bus of Mrs Avery04/15/2001 5:00 pmGOLDUK2
22Hey! Big Vendor 04/22/20012
22Enter the Hawk04/29/20012
22Gnome and Away05/06/20012
22The Art of the Shorts Story05/08/2001 4:20 pmGOLDUK2
22A Hair of the Blonde That Bit You05/13/2001 3:55 pmGOLDUK2
22A White Sweater and a Solicitor's Letter05/20/2001 4:35 pmGOLDUK2
22Why Is Barry at an Angle?05/27/2001 5:15 pmGOLDUK2
22The Coming of the Beast06/03/20012
22Potts in Pole Position12/30/2001 6:30 pmBBC1UK1616
23A Brief Excursion in the Fast Lane01/06/20021
23The Mystical Squeak of Howard's Bicycle01/13/20021
23Mervyn Would Be Proud01/20/20021
23The Incredible Ordeal of Norman Clegg01/27/20021
23Beware of the Hot Dog02/03/20021
23A Chaise Longue Too Far02/17/20021
23Exercising Father's Bicycle02/24/20021
23Sadly, Madly, Bradley03/03/20021
23It All Began with an Old Volvo Headlamp03/10/20021
24A Musical Passing for a Miserable Musecroft12/29/20022423
24The Lair of the Cat Creature01/05/20031
24Ancient Eastern Wisdom - An Introduction01/12/20031
24A Pick-up of the Later Ming Dynasty01/19/20031
24The Secret Birthday of Norman Clegg01/26/20031
24In Which Gavin Hinchcliffe Loses the Gulf Stream02/02/20032
24The Miraculous Curing of Old Goff Helliwell02/09/20032
24The Frenchies Are Coming02/23/20032
24The Man Who Invented Yorkshire Funny Stuff03/02/20032
24The Second Husband and the Showgirls03/09/20032
24All of a Florrie03/16/20032
24A Short Blast of Fred Astaire12/21/20032
25Jurassic-No Parking02/08/20042
25The General's Greatest Battle02/15/20042
25Happy Birthday Robin Hood03/07/20042
25Who's That with Barry and Glenda? It's Not Barry and Glenda03/14/20042
25An Apple a Day03/21/20042
25Barry Becomes a Psychopathic Killer But Only Part Time03/28/20042
25Things to Do When Your Wife Runs Off with a Turkish Waiter04/04/20042
25Beware of Laughing at Nora's Hats04/11/20042
25Yours Truly - If You're Not Careful04/18/20042
25Variations on a Theme of the Widow Winstanley12/19/20041
26The Swan Man of Ilkley03/13/20052
26Watching the Clock03/20/20052
26Has Anyone Seen a Peruvian Wart?03/27/20052
26Hermione: The Short Course04/10/20052
26Who's That Mouse in the Poetry Group?04/17/20052
26Available for Weddings04/24/20052
26The McDonaghs of Jamieson Street05/01/20052
26The Afterthoughts of a Co-op Manager05/08/20052
26Lot No. 805/15/20052
26Little Orphan Howard05/29/20052
26Merry Entwhistle and Jackson Day12/18/20052
27Follow That Bottle03/06/20062
27How to Remove a Cousin03/13/20062
27Has Anyone Seen Barry's Midlife Crisis?03/20/20062
27The Genuine Outdoors Robin Hood Barbi03/28/20062
27Barry in Danger from Reading and Aunt Jessie04/03/20062
27Who's That Merry Man with Billy, Then?04/10/20062
27Who's That Talking to Lenny?04/16/20062
27Oh Look! Mitzi's Found Her Mummy04/23/20062
27Plenty of Room in the Back04/30/20062
27A Tale of Two Sweaters12/28/20062
28The Second Stag Night of Doggy Wilkinson07/15/200719
28What Happened to the Horse?07/29/20072
28Variations on a Theme of Road Rage08/05/20072
28In Which Howard Gets Double Booked08/12/20072
28Will the Nearest Alien Please Come In08/19/2007 6:30 pmBBC OneUK2019
28Elegy for Small Creature and Clandestine Track Bike08/26/20072
28The Crowcroft Challenge09/02/20072
28Must Be Good Dancer09/09/20072
28In Which Howard Remembers Where He Left His Bicycle Pump09/16/20072
28Sinclair and the Wormley Witches09/23/20072
29Enter the Finger06/22/2008 3:10 pmGOLDUK2
29Will the Genuine Racer Please Stand Up?06/29/2008 3:50 pmGOLDUK2
29A Short Introduction to Cooper's Rules07/06/2008 4:30 pmGOLDUK1
29Is Jeremy Quite Safe?07/13/20081615
29All That Glitters Is Not Elvis07/20/20082
29Eva's Back in Town07/27/20082
29In Which Romance Isn't Dead - Just Incompetent08/03/200810:15 amGOLDUK2
29The Mischievous Tinkle in Howard's Eyes08/10/200810:55 amGOLDUK2
29Of Passion and Pizza08/17/200811:30 amGOLDUK2
29It's Never Ten Years08/24/2008 3:15 pmGOLDUK7
29Get Out of That, Then08/31/2008 3:55 pmGOLDUK20
30I Was a Hitman for Primrose Dairies12/31/200819
30Some Adventures of the Inventor of the Mother Stitch04/19/20091
30The Mother of All Mistakes - Or Is It?04/26/20091
30Will Howard Cross the Atlantic Single-Handed?05/03/20091
30Who's That Looking Sideways at Nelly?05/10/20091
30Nobody Messes with Tony the Throat05/17/20091
30Will Stella Find True Love with Norris Fairburn?05/24/20091
30Will Randolph Make a Good Impression?05/31/20091
30In Which Romance Springs a Leak06/07/2009 2:55 pmGOLDUK1
30Variations on a Theme of Father's Day06/14/2009 3:35 pmGOLDUK21
30Goodnight Sweet Ferret06/21/2009 4:15 pmGOLDUK16
31Behind Every Bush There Is Not Necessarily a Howard07/25/201018
31Happy Camping08/01/2010 7:00 pmBBC OneUK20
31The Rights of Man (Except for Howard)08/08/201020
31Howard and the Great Outdoors08/15/201020
31Look Whose Wheel's Come Off08/22/201018
31How Not to Cry at Weddings08/29/201020