International Detective

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
The Conway Case12/26/1959UK
The Dimitrios Case01/09/1960UK1
The Cumberland Case01/16/1960UK
The Winthrop Case01/23/1960UK
The Whitley Case01/30/1960UK8
The Prescott Case02/06/1960UK8
The Dudley Case02/13/1960UK
The Rose Bowl Case02/20/1960UK
The Steibel Case02/27/1960UK
The Brenner Case 03/05/1960 7:29 pmITVUK7
The Dennison Case 03/12/1960 7:29 pmITVUK
The Barnaby Case 03/19/1960 7:29 pmITVUK6
The Oakland Case 03/26/1960 7:29 pmITVUK5
The Carter Case 04/02/1960 7:29 pmITVUK
The Marino Case04/10/1960 7:29 pmITVUK10
The Daniels Case 04/16/1960 7:29 pmITVUK14
The Kempton Case 04/23/1960 7:29 pmITVUK1
The Stevenson Case 04/30/1960 7:29 pmITVUK10
The Raffael Case 05/07/1960 7:29 pmITVUK15
The Bristol Case05/15/1960UK9
The Joplin Case05/22/1960 7:30 pmMidlandsUK9
The Santino Case 05/28/1960 7:29 pmITVUK6
The Bismarck Case06/05/196011:00 pmITVUK8
The Marlowe Case06/12/1960UK
The Raschid Case06/19/196011:00 pmITVUK11
The Carrington Case 09/14/1960UK
The Rosario Case12/10/196010:00 pmMidlandsUK12
The Rainis Case12/17/1960UK
The Medina Case12/31/1960UK
The Stanton Case01/14/1961UK
The Orlando Case01/21/1961UK
The Somerset Case02/05/1961UK
The Anthony Case03/13/1961UK
The Sheridan Case04/09/1961UK
The Dolores Case04/30/1961UK
The Dunster Case05/21/1961UK
The Martos Case05/28/196111:00 pmMidlandsUK10
The Washington Case06/06/1961UK
The Madison Case06/13/1961UK