Vital Spark

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
A Drop O' the Real Stuff01/28/1966 7:30 pmBBC1UK1
The Quarrel02/11/1966 7:30 pmBBC1UK3
The Bad Luck Cargo02/18/1966 7:30 pmBBC1UK
The Acts02/25/1966 7:30 pmBBC1UK
A Good Man Gone03/04/1966 7:30 pmBBC1UK
The Duel08/16/1967
The Warning08/23/1967
Macphail's Week08/30/1967 7:30 pmBBC1UK
The Heroes09/06/1967
The Answer's a Lemon09/13/1967
Say It with Flair09/20/1967
The Big Bang09/27/1967
The Vital Spark: Special03/05/1973
The Duel09/19/1974
The Quarrel09/26/1974
A Drop of the Real Stuff10/03/1974 9:10 pmBBC2UK6
Bad Luck Cargo10/10/1974
Highland Voyage10/17/1974 9:00 pmBBC2UK4
The Wedding10/24/1974