SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Lazyfoot, Where Are You?09/16/1965 8:30 pmNBCUSA12
I See by Your Outfit09/23/1965 8:30 pmNBCUSA16
Yahoo09/30/1965 8:30 pmNBCUSA1515
Rendezvous at Arillo10/07/1965 8:30 pmNBCUSA
Three's Company10/14/1965 8:30 pmNBCUSA
Anybody Here Seen Billy?10/21/1965 8:30 pmNBCUSA
A Question of Discipline10/28/1965 8:30 pmNBCUSA
The Golden Trail11/04/1965 8:30 pmNBCUSA
A Matter of Policy11/11/1965 8:30 pmNBCUSA
Which Way Did They Go?11/18/1965 8:30 pmNBCUSA
Jinx12/02/1965 8:30 pmNBCUSA
The Land Grabbers12/09/1965 8:30 pmNBCUSA
Pride of the Rangers12/16/1965 8:30 pmNBCUSA
The Heroes of San Gill12/23/1965 8:30 pmNBCUSA
A Medal for Reese12/30/1965 8:30 pmNBCUSA
The Calico Kid01/06/1966 8:30 pmNBCUSA
Above the Law01/13/1966 8:30 pmNBCUSA
That's Noway, Thataway01/20/1966 8:30 pmNBCUSA
Limit of the Law Larkin01/27/1966 8:30 pmNBCUSA
Meanwhile Back at the Reservation02/10/1966 8:30 pmNBCUSA
The Treasure of San Diablo02/17/1966 8:30 pmNBCUSA
No Bugles, One Drum02/24/1966 8:30 pmNBCUSA
Miracle at Massacre Mission03/03/1966 8:30 pmNBCUSA
It's the End of the Road, Stanley03/10/1966 8:30 pmNBCUSA10
A Very Small Assignment03/17/1966 8:30 pmNBCUSA
Quarter Past Eleven03/24/1966 8:30 pmNBCUSA
The Deadliest Kid in the West03/31/1966 8:30 pmNBCUSA
Sound of Terror04/07/1966 8:30 pmNBCUSA
The Would-Be Gentleman of Laredo04/14/1966 8:30 pmNBCUSA
A Taste of Money04/28/1966 8:30 pmNBCUSA
The Legend of Midas Mantee09/16/196610:00 pmNBCUSA
The Dance of the Laughing Death09/23/196610:00 pmNBCUSA
A Double Shot of Nepenthe09/30/196610:00 pmNBCUSA
Coup de Grace10/07/196610:00 pmNBCUSA
The Land Slickers10/14/196610:00 pmNBCUSA
Finnegan10/21/196610:00 pmNBCUSA
Any Way the Wind Blows10/28/196610:00 pmNBCUSA
The Sweet Gang11/04/196610:00 pmNBCUSA
One Too Many Voices11/18/196610:00 pmNBCUSA
Road to San Remo11/25/196610:00 pmNBCUSA
The Last of the Caesars: Absolutely12/02/196610:00 pmNBCUSA
A Prince of a Ranger12/09/196610:00 pmNBCUSA
Oh Careless Love12/23/196610:00 pmNBCUSA
Leave It to Dixie12/30/196610:00 pmNBCUSA
The Seventh Day01/06/196710:00 pmNBCUSA
Scourge of San Rosa01/20/196710:00 pmNBCUSA
The Short, Happy Fatherhood of Reese Bennett01/27/196710:00 pmNBCUSA
The Bitter Yen of General Ti02/03/196710:00 pmNBCUSA
The Other Cheek02/10/196710:00 pmNBCUSA
Enemies and Brothers02/17/196710:00 pmNBCUSA
Hey Diddle Diddle02/24/196710:00 pmNBCUSA
The Small Chance Ghost03/03/196710:00 pmNBCUSA
A Question of Guilt03/10/196710:00 pmNBCUSA
Like One of the Family03/24/196710:00 pmNBCUSA
Walk Softly03/31/196710:00 pmNBCUSA
Split the Difference04/07/196710:00 pmNBCUSA