SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Haunted Mask: Part 110/27/199517
1The Cuckoo Clock of Doom11/03/199512
1The Girl Who Cried Monster11/11/199576
1Welcome to Camp Nightmare: Part 111/17/199512
1Welcome to Camp Nightmare: Part 211/24/199512
1The Phantom of the Auditorium12/01/199510
1Piano Lessons Can Be Murder12/08/199587
1Return of the Mummy12/22/199576
1Night of the Living Dummy II01/12/19968
1My Hairiest Adventure01/19/19961211
1Stay Out of the Basement: Part 101/27/199665
1Stay Out of the Basement: Part 201/27/199665
1It Came from Beneath the Sink02/02/19968
1Say Cheese and Die02/09/199611
1A Night in Terror Tower: Part 102/25/199623
1The Werewolf of Fever Swamp: Part 105/17/19967
2Be Careful What You Wish For...08/10/1996
2Attack of the Mutant: Part 109/07/1996
2Bad Hare Day09/14/1996
2The Headless Ghost09/21/1996
2Go Eat Worms09/28/1996
2You Can't Scare Me10/05/199698
2Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes10/12/1996
2Ghost Beach10/19/1996
2Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns10/26/1996
2The Haunted Mask II: Part 110/29/1996
2Let's Get Invisible!11/02/1996
2The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight11/09/1996
2Monster Blood11/16/199698
2More Monster Blood11/16/199698
2Vampire Breath11/23/1996
2How to Kill a Monster02/01/199765
2Calling All Creeps!02/15/1997
2Welcome to Dead House: Part 106/29/1997
2Don't Wake Mummy07/12/19971110
2The Blob That Ate Everyone07/19/199786
2Night of the Living Dummy III: Part 107/20/1997
A Shocker on Shock Street09/06/1997
My Best Friend Is Invisible09/08/1997
The House of No Return09/13/1997
Don't Go to Sleep09/20/1997
An Old Story10/04/1997
The Barking Ghost10/11/1997
One Day at Horrorland: Part 110/25/1997
One Day at Horrorland: Part 211/01/1997
The Haunted House Game11/08/1997
The Perfect School: Part 111/15/1997
Werewolf Skin: Part 111/22/1997
Awesome Ants02/07/1998
Bride of the Living Dummy02/14/1998
Strained Peas02/21/1998
Say Cheese and Die... Again02/28/1998
Chillogy: Part 1: Squeal of Fortune04/25/1998
Chillogy: Part 2 - Strike Three... You're Doomed05/02/1998
Chillogy: Part 3: Escape from Karlsville05/09/1998
Teacher's Pet05/16/1998
How I Got My Shrunken Head: Part 109/14/1998
The Ghost Next Door: Part 109/28/1998
Cry of the Cat: Part 110/31/1998
Deep Trouble: Part 111/16/1998