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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
 5:00 pmFXUSA5
1Hot Snow01/07/196110:00 pmMidlandsUK136
1Brought to Book01/14/196110:00 pmMidlandsUK18
1Square Root of Evil01/21/196110:00 pmMidlandsUK11
1Nightmare01/28/196110:00 pmMidlandsUK9
1Crescent Moon02/04/196110:00 pmMidlandsUK10
1Girl on the Trapeze02/11/196110:00 pmMidlandsUK1613
1Diamond Cut Diamond02/18/196110:00 pmMidlandsUK7
1The Radioactive Man02/25/196110:00 pmMidlandsUK6
1Ashes of Roses03/04/196110:00 pmMidlandsUK6
1Hunt the Man Down03/18/196110:00 pmITVUK7
1Please Don't Feed the Animals04/01/1961 8:35 pmITVUK8
1Dance with Death04/15/196110:00 pmITVUK11
1One For the Mortuary04/29/196110:00 pmITVUK
1The Springers05/13/196110:00 pmITVUK8
1The Frighteners05/27/196110:00 pmITVUK2221
1The Yellow Needle06/10/196110:00 pmITVUK7
1Death on the Slipway06/24/1961ITVUK14
1Double Danger07/08/1961ITVUK10
1Toy Trap07/22/1961 8:50 pmITVUK9
1The Tunnel of Fear08/05/1961 8:50 pmITVUK21
1The Far Distant Dead08/19/1961 8:50 pmITVUK8
1Kill the King09/02/1961 8:50 pmITVUK12
1Dead of Winter09/09/1961ITVUK
1The Deadly Air09/16/1961ITVUK
1A Change of Bait12/23/1961ITVUK14
2Mr Teddy Bear09/29/196210:05 pmABC / TWW / Tyne Tees TV / Ulster TVUK1211
2Propellant 2310/06/196210:05 pmABC / TWW / Tyne Tees TV / Ulster TVUK1716
2The Decapod10/13/196210:00 pmAnglia/ATV/Channel TV/Southern TV/Westward TV UK1513
2Bullseye10/20/196210:05 pmABC/Anglia/ATV/Southern TV/TWW/Tyne Tees/UlsterUK3130
2Mission to Montreal10/27/196210:00 pmChannel TVUK2218
2The Removal Men11/03/196210:05 pmABC/Anglia/ATV/Southern TV/TWW/Tyne Tees/UlsterUK2927
2The Mauritius Penny11/10/196210:05 pmABC/Anglia/ATV/Southern TV/TWW/Tyne Tees/UlsterUK2928
2Death of a Great Dane11/17/196210:05 pmABC/Anglia/ATV/Southern TV/TWW/Westward/UlsterUK3231
2The Sell-Out11/24/196210:05 pmITVUK1614
2Death on the Rocks12/01/196210:05 pmITVUK3635
2Traitor in Zebra12/08/196210:05 pmITVUK3029
2The Big Thinker12/15/196210:05 pmABC/Anglia/ATV/Southern TV/TWW/Westward/UlsterUK2928
2Death Dispatch12/22/196210:05 pmITVUK2625
2Dead on Course12/29/196210:05 pmITVUK1716
2Intercrime01/05/196310:05 pmABC / Anglia / Southern TV / Tyne Tees TVUK3331
2Immortal Clay01/11/196310:45 pmTeledu CymruUK2726
2Box of Tricks01/18/196310:45 pmTeledu CymruUK3130
2Warlock01/26/196310:05 pmABC/Anglia/ATV/Southern/Tyne Tees/UlsterUK4033
2The Golden Eggs02/01/196310:45 pmTeledu CymruUK2221
2School for Traitors02/08/196310:45 pmTeledu CymruUK2624
2The White Dwarf02/15/196310:45 pmTeledu CymruUK3231
2Man in the Mirror02/22/196310:45 pmTeledu CymruUK3130
2Conspiracy of Silence03/01/196310:45 pmTeledu CymruUK12
2A Chorus of Frogs03/09/196310:05 pmITVUK11
2Six Hands Across a Table03/16/196310:05 pmITVUK131
2Killerwhale03/23/196310:05 pmITVUK13
3Brief for Murder09/28/1963 9:50 pmABC/Anglia/Teledu Cymru/TWW/Tyne Tees/UlsterUK11
3The Undertakers10/05/1963 9:50 pmABC/Anglia/Teledu Cymru/TWW/Tyne Tees/UlsterUK1210
3Man with Two Shadows10/12/1963 9:50 pmABC/Anglia/Teledu Cymru/TWW/Tyne Tees/UlsterUK1212
3The Nutshell10/19/1963 9:50 pmABC/Anglia/Teledu Cymru/TWW/Tyne Tees/UlsterUK118
3Death of a Batman10/26/1963 9:50 pmABC/Anglia/Teledu Cymru/TWW/Tyne Tees/UlsterUK99
3November Five11/02/1963 9:50 pmABC/Anglia/Teledu Cymru/TWW/Tyne Tees/UlsterUK1210
3The Gilded Cage11/09/1963 9:50 pmABC/Anglia/Teledu Cymru/TWW/Tyne Tees/UlsterUK12
3Second Sight11/16/1963 9:50 pmABC/Anglia/Teledu Cymru/TWW/Tyne Tees/UlsterUK6
3The Medicine Men11/23/1963 8:55 pmABC/Anglia/Teledu Cymru/Tyne Tees/UlsterUK9
3The Grandeur That Was Rome11/30/1963 8:55 pmABC/Anglia/Teledu Cymru/TWW/Tyne Tees/UlsterUK10
3The Golden Fleece12/07/1963 8:55 pmABC/Anglia/Teledu Cymru/TWW/Tyne Tees/UlsterUK1010
3Don't Look Behind You12/14/1963 8:55 pmABC/Anglia/Teledu Cymru/TWW/Tyne Tees/UlsterUK55
3Death a la Carte12/21/1963 8:55 pmABC/Anglia/Teledu Cymru/TWW/Tyne Tees/UlsterUK1110
3Dressed to Kill12/28/1963 8:55 pmABC/Anglia/Teledu Cymru/TWW/Tyne Tees/UlsterUK1110
3The White Elephant01/04/1964 9:10 pmITVUK10
3The Little Wonders01/11/1964 9:10 pmITVUK13
3The Wringer01/18/196410:05 pmITVUK7
3Mandrake01/25/196410:05 pmITVUK9
3The Secrets Broker02/01/1964ITVUK10
3Trojan Horse02/08/196410:05 pmITVUK8
3Build a Better Mousetrap02/15/196410:05 pmITVUK11
3The Outside-In Man02/22/196410:05 pmITVUK15
3The Charmers02/29/196410:05 pmITVUK91
3Concerto03/07/196410:05 pmITVUK10
3Esprit de Corps03/14/196410:05 amITVUK1817
3Lobster Quadrille03/21/196410:05 pmITVUK109
4The Town of No Return09/28/1965 8:00 pmScottish TVUK1110
4The Gravediggers10/05/1965 8:00 pmScottish TVUK1716
4The Cybernauts10/12/1965 8:00 pmScottish TVUK2019
4Death at Bargain Prices10/19/1965 8:00 pmScottish TVUK1413
4Castle De'ath10/26/1965 8:00 pmScottish TVUK98
4The Master Minds11/02/1965 8:00 pmScottish TVUK2221
4The Murder Market11/09/1965 8:00 pmScottish TVUK2015
4A Surfeit of H2O11/16/1965 8:00 pmScottish TVUK1311
4The Hour That Never Was11/23/1965 8:00 pmScottish TVUK1716
4Dial a Deadly Number11/30/1965 8:00 pmScottish TVUK1615
4Man-Eater of Surrey Green12/07/1965 8:00 pmScottish TVUK2019
4Two's a Crowd12/14/1965 8:00 pmScottish TVUK1110
4Silent Dust12/28/1965 8:00 pmScottish TVUK1212
4Room Without a View01/04/1966 8:00 pmScottish TVUK2120
4Small Game for Big Hunters01/11/1966 8:00 pmScottish TVUK1313
4The Girl from Auntie01/18/1966 8:00 pmScottish TVUK2019
4The Thirteenth Hole01/25/1966 8:00 pmScottish TVUK1211
4The Quick-Quick Slow Death02/01/1966 8:00 pmScottish TVUK2422
4The Danger Makers02/08/1966 8:00 pmScottish TVUK1514
4A Touch of Brimstone02/15/1966 8:00 pmScottish TVUK1816
4What the Butler Saw02/22/1966 8:00 pmScottish TVUK1514
4The House That Jack Built03/01/1966 8:00 pmScottish TVUK87
4A Sense of History03/08/1966 8:00 pmScottish TVUK1413
4How to Succeed...at Murder03/15/1966 8:00 pmScottish TVUK2218
4Honey for the Prince03/26/1966 8:00 pmScottish TVUK2422
4Chess Board Intro03/28/1966ABCUK43
5From Venus with Love01/09/1967 8:00 pmSouthern TV (ITV)UK1413
5The Fear Merchants01/16/1967 8:00 pmSouthern TV (ITV)UK1514
5Escape in Time01/23/1967 8:00 pmSouthern TV (ITV)UK1514
5The See-Through Man01/30/1967 8:00 pmSouthern TV (ITV)UK1111
5The Bird Who Knew Too Much02/08/1967 8:00 pmSouthern TV / Tyne Tees TVUK1514
5The Winged Avenger02/15/1967 8:00 pmSouthern TV / Tyne Tees TVUK1514
5The Living Dead02/22/1967 8:00 pmSouthern TV / Tyne Tees TVUK1312
5The Hidden Tiger03/01/1967 8:00 pmSouthern TV / Tyne Tees TVUK1413
5The Correct Way to Kill03/08/1967 8:00 pmSouthern TV / Tyne Tees TVUK1312
5Never, Never Say Die03/18/1967 8:00 pmChannel TV / Tyne Tees TV / Westward TVUK1817
5Epic03/29/1967 8:00 pmChannel TV / Tyne Tees TV / Westward TVUK87
5The Superlative Seven04/05/1967 8:00 pmChannel TV / Tyne Tees TV / Westward TVUK1514
5A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station04/12/1967 8:00 pmChannelUK2116
5Something Nasty in the Nursery04/19/1967 8:00 pmTyne Tees TVUK1614
5The Joker04/26/1967 8:00 pmTyne Tees TV UK76
5Who's Who ???05/03/1967 8:00 pmTyne Tees TVUK1312
6Return of the Cybernauts09/27/1967 8:00 pmGrampian TVUK1413
6The £50,000 Breakfast10/11/1967 8:00 pmGrampian TVUK2826
6Dead Man's Treasure10/18/1967 8:00 pmGrampian TVUK1312
6You Have Just Been Murdered10/25/1967 8:00 pmGrampian TVUK1413
6The Positive Negative Man11/01/1967 8:00 pmGrampian TVUK1110
6Murdersville11/08/1967 8:00 pmGrampian TVUK2625
6Mission... Highly Improbable11/15/1967 8:00 pmGrampian TVUK1715
7The Forget-Me-Knot09/25/1968 8:00 pmGrampian / Thames / Tyne Tees / Yorkshire TVUK1615
7Game10/02/1968 8:00 pmGrampian / Thames / Tyne Tees / Yorkshire TVUK1413
7Super Secret Cypher Snatch10/09/1968 8:00 pmGrampian / Thames / Tyne Tees / Yorkshire TVUK2221
7Split!10/17/1968 7:05 pmUlster TVUK1413
7Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40?10/30/1968 8:00 pmGrampian / Thames / Tyne Tees TVUK1413
7False Witness11/06/1968 8:00 pmGrampian / Thames / Tyne Tees TVUK1918
7All Done with Mirrors11/13/1968 8:00 pmGrampian / Thames / Tyne Tees TVUK2624
7Legacy of Death11/20/1968 8:00 pmGrampian / Thames / Tyne Tees TVUK1615
7Noon Doomsday11/27/1968 8:00 pmGrampian / Thames / Tyne Tees TVUK1615
7Have Guns - Will Haggle12/11/1968 8:00 pmGrampian / Thames / Tyne Tees TVUK1615
7They Keep Killing Steed12/18/1968 8:00 pmGrampian / Thames / Tyne Tees TVUK2625
7Killer12/30/1968 8:00 pmThames / Tyne Tees TVUK1918
7The Interrogators01/01/1969 8:00 pmThames / Tyne Tees TVUK2625
7Get-A-Way!01/05/1969 8:10 pmBorder TVUK1615
7The Rotters01/08/1969 8:00 pmThames / Tyne Tees TVUK2019
7The Morning After01/10/1969 7:30 pmATV / Channel TV / Grampian / Ulster TV UK1211
7Invasion of the Earthmen01/15/1969 8:00 pmITVUK109
7The Curious Case of the Countless Clues01/31/1969 7:30 pmATVUK1211
7Love All02/03/1969 7:30 pmATV / Channel TV / Ulster TVUK1918
7Wish You Were Here02/07/1969 7:30 pmATV / Channel TV / Grampian / Ulster TV UK1615
7Stay Tuned02/21/1969 7:30 pmATV / Harlech (HTV) / Ulster TVUK1514
7Take Me to Your Leader02/28/1969 7:30 pmATV / Harlech (HTV) / Ulster TVUK2322
7Fog03/07/1969 8:00 pmATV / Harlech (HTV) / Ulster TVUK2120
7Who Was That Man I Saw You With?03/14/1969 8:00 pmATV / Harlech (HTV) / Ulster TVUK1817
7Homicide and Old Lace03/21/1969 8:00 pmATV / Harlech (HTV) / Ulster TVUK3029
7Thingumajig03/28/1969 8:00 pmATV / Harlech (HTV) / Ulster TVUK1615
7Pandora04/04/1969 8:00 pmATV / Harlech (HTV) / Ulster TVUK1413
7My Wildest Dream04/07/196910:30 pmBorder TV, ITVUK1312
7Requiem4/11/1969 8:00 pmATV / Harlech (HTV) / Ulster TVUK1413
7Take-Over04/18/1969 8:00 pmATV / Harlech (HTV) / Ulster TVUK1211
7Bizarre05/17/1969 8:00 pmYorkshire TVUK1615