87th Precinct

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
The Floater09/25/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA9
Lady in Waiting10/02/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
Lady Killer10/09/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
The Modus Man10/16/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
Line of Duty10/23/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
Occupation: Citizen10/30/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
Killer's Payoff11/06/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
The Guilt11/13/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
Empty Hours11/20/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
My Friend, My Enemy11/27/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
Very Hard Sell12/04/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
Til Death12/11/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
Heckler12/18/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
Run, Rabbit, Run12/25/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
Main Event01/01/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA10
Man in a Jam01/08/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA7
Give the Boys a Great Big Hand01/15/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA8
Out of Order01/22/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA7
The Pigeon01/29/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA9
A Bullet for Katie02/12/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA12
King's Ransom02/19/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
Feel of the Trigger02/26/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
Killer's Choice03/05/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
Square Cop03/12/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
Step Forward03/26/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
Idol in the Dust04/02/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
Ramon04/09/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
New Man in the Precinct04/16/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA23
The Last Stop04/23/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
Girl in the Case04/30/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA