Gossip Girl

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Wild Brunch09/26/2007CWUSA
1Poison Ivy10/03/2007CWUSA
1Bad News Blair10/09/2007CWUSA
1Dare Devil10/16/2007CWUSA
1The Handmaiden's Tale10/24/2007CWUSA
1Seventeen Candles11/14/2007CWUSA
1Blair Waldorf Must Pie!11/28/2007CWUSA
1Hi, Society12/05/2007CWUSA
1Roman Holiday12/19/2007CWUSA
1School Lies01/02/2008CWUSA
1A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate01/09/2008CWUSA
1The Blair Bitch Project04/21/2008CWUSA
1Desperately Seeking Serena04/28/2008CWUSA
1All About My Brother05/05/2008CWUSA
1Woman on the Verge05/12/2008CWUSA
1Much 'I Do' About Nothing05/19/2008CWUSA
2Summer Kind of Wonderful09/01/2008CWUSA
2Never Been Marcused09/07/2008CWUSA
2The Dark Night09/15/2008CWUSA
2The Ex-Files09/22/2008CWUSA
2The Serena Also Rises09/29/2008CWUSA
2New Haven Can Wait10/13/2008CWUSA
2Chuck in Real Life10/20/2008CWUSA
2There Might be Blood11/03/2008CWUSA
2Bonfire of the Vanity11/10/2008CWUSA
2The Magnificent Archibalds11/17/2008CWUSA
2It's a Wonderful Lie12/01/2008CWUSA
2O Brother, Where Bart Thou?12/08/2008CWUSA
2In the Realm of the Basses01/05/2009CWUSA
2Gone with the Will01/12/2009CWUSA
2You've Got Yale!01/19/2009CWUSA
2Carrnal Knowledge02/02/2009CWUSA
2The Age of Dissonance03/16/2009CWUSA
2The Grandfather03/23/2009CWUSA
2Remains of the J03/30/2009CWUSA
2Seder Anything04/20/2009CWUSA
2Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes04/27/2009CWUSA
2The Wrath of Con05/03/2009CWUSA
2Valley Girls05/10/2009CWUSA
2The Goodbye Gossip Girl05/17/2009CWUSA
3Reversals of Fortune09/14/2009CWUSA
3The Freshmen09/21/2009CWUSA
3The Lost Boy09/28/2009CWUSA
3Dan de Fleurette10/05/2009CWUSA
3Rufus Getting Married10/12/2009CWUSA
3Enough About Eve10/19/2009CWUSA
3How to Succeed in Bassness10/26/2009CWUSA
3The Grandfather: Part II11/02/2009CWUSA
3They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?11/09/2009CWUSA
3The Last Days of Disco Stick11/16/2009CWUSA
3The Treasure of Serena Madre11/30/2009CWUSA
3The Debarted12/07/2009CWUSA
3The Hurt Locket03/08/2010CWUSA
3The Lady Vanished03/15/2010CWUSA
3The Sixteen Year Old Virgin03/22/2010CWUSA
3The Empire Strikes Jack03/29/2010CWUSA
3Inglourious Bassterds04/05/2010CWUSA
3The Unblairable Lightness of Being04/12/2010CWUSA
3Dr. Estrangeloved04/25/2010CWUSA
3It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World05/02/2010CWUSA
3Ex-Husbands and Wives05/10/2010CWUSA
3Last Tango, Then Paris05/17/2010CWUSA
4Belles de Jour09/13/2010CWUSA
4Double Identity09/20/2010CWUSA
4The Undergraduates09/27/2010CWUSA
4Touch of Eva10/04/2010CWUSA
4Goodbye, Columbia10/11/2010CWUSA
4Easy J10/25/2010CWUSA
4War at the Roses11/01/2010CWUSA
4Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore11/08/2010CWUSA
4The Witches of Bushwick11/15/2010CWUSA
4The Townie12/06/2010CWUSA
4The Kids Are Not All Right01/24/2011CWUSA
4Damien Darko01/31/2011CWUSA
4Panic Roommate02/07/2011CWUSA
4It-Girl Happened One Night02/14/2011CWUSA
4While You Weren't Sleeping02/21/2011CWUSA211
4Empire of the Son02/28/2011CWUSA
4The Kids Stay in the Picture04/18/2011CWUSA
4Petty in Pink04/25/2011CWUSA
4The Princesses and the Frog05/02/2011CWUSA
4Shattered Bass05/09/2011CWUSA
4The Wrong Goodbye05/16/2011CWUSA
5Yes, Then Zero09/26/2011CWUSA
5Beauty and the Feast10/03/2011CWUSA
5Jewel of Denial10/10/2011CWUSA
5Memoirs of an Invisible Dan10/17/2011CWUSA
5The Fasting and the Furious10/24/2011CWUSA
5I Am Number Nine11/07/2011CWUSA
5The Big Sleep No More11/14/2011CWUSA
5All the Pretty Sources11/21/2011CWUSA
5Rhodes to Perdition11/28/2011CWUSA
5Riding in Town Cars with Boys12/05/2011CWUSA
5The End of the Affair01/16/2012CWUSA
5Father and the Bride01/23/2012CWUSA
5The Backup Dan02/06/2012CWUSA
5Crazy, Cupid, Love02/13/2012CWUSA
5Cross Rhodes02/20/2012CWUSA
5The Princess Dowry02/27/2012CWUSA
5It Girl, Interrupted04/09/2012CWUSA
5Salon of the Dead04/16/2012CWUSA
5Despicable B04/23/2012CWUSA
5Raiders of the Lost Art04/30/2012CWUSA
5The Fugitives05/07/2012CWUSA
5The Return of the Ring05/14/2012 8:00 pmCWUSA
6Gone Maybe Gone10/08/2012USA
6High Infidelity10/15/2012USA
6Dirty Rotten Scandals10/22/2012USA
6Portrait of a Lady Alexander11/05/2012USA
6Monstrous Ball11/12/2012USA
6Where the Vile Things Are11/19/2012USA
6Save the Last Chance11/26/2012USA
6It's Really Complicated12/03/2012USA
6The Revengers12/10/2012USA
6New York, I Love You XOXO12/17/2012USA