Robin's Nest

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Sleeping Partners01/11/1977 8:30 pmITVUK6
The Bistro Kids01/18/1977UK10
A Little Competition01/25/1977UK11
The Maternal Triangle02/01/1977UK9
Piggy in the Middle02/08/1977UK6
A Matter of Note02/15/1977UK16
Oh Happy Day02/22/1977UK9
As Long as He Needs Me02/23/1978UK6
The Seven Pound Fiddle03/02/1978UK8
Ups & Downs03/09/1978UK7
Three Times Table03/16/1978UK9
Great Expectations03/23/1978UK5
Love & Marriage03/30/1978UK9
You Need Hands09/25/1978UK7
The Candidate10/02/1978UK9
Just Desserts10/09/1978UK5
Away from All What?10/16/1978UK6
England Expects10/23/1978UK7
Once Two Is Three10/30/1978UK6
Dinner Date11/06/1978UK6
Everything You Wish Yourself11/13/1978UK4
Day Trippers11/27/1978UK5
The Long Distance Runner12/04/1978UK7
At Harm's Length12/11/1978UK7
The Happy Hen12/18/1978UK12
Should Auld Aquaintance02/22/1979UK7
Person Friday Required03/01/1979UK5
Lost Weekend03/08/1979UK7
Too Many Waiters Spoil the Bistro03/15/1979 8:00 pmITVUK8
September Song03/22/1979 8:00 pmITVUK7
Sorry Partner03/29/1979 8:00 pmITVUK9
Albert's Ball04/05/1979 8:00 pmITVUK7
Be It Ever So Humble11/20/1979UK7
Christmas at Robin's Nest12/27/1979 8:30 pmITVUK55
Pastures New01/08/1980UK5
A Man of Property01/15/1980UK7
If You Pass 'Go', Collect 20001/22/1980UK5
Never Look a Gift Horse...01/29/1980UK7
Just an Old-Fashioned Girl02/05/1980UK6
Great Expectations02/12/1980UK7
No Room at the Inn12/24/1980UK7
Move Over Darling02/17/1981UK6
The Homecoming02/24/1981UK13
No Smoke Without Fire03/03/1981UK7
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling03/10/1981UK5
Anniversary Waltz03/17/1981UK8
Wish You Weren't Here03/24/1981UK7
The Headhunters of S.W.603/31/1981UK7