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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The School Man05/14/1972UK
1The Classroom05/14/1972UK4
1Glad to Be of Help05/21/1972UK8
1Have a Nice Time at the Zoo Darling06/04/1972UK
1The Minder07/07/197210:40 pmITVUK4
1Night of the Stag07/14/197210:40 pmITVUK10
1Old Comrades07/21/197210:30 pmITVUK3
1The Manipulators07/28/197210:30 pmITVUK6
1The Disappearing Man08/04/197211:30 pmITVUK8
1Firing Squad08/11/197211:30 pmITVUK1
1Miss Mouse08/25/197211:30 pmITVUK
1The Treat09/02/197212:05 amITVUK44
1Bed and Breakfast09/09/197212:00 amITVUK
1You Remind Me of Someone09/23/197210:40 pmITVUK4