Adventures of Superboy

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Jewel of Techacal10/08/1988USA
1A Kind of Princess10/15/1988USA
1Back to Oblivion10/22/1988USA
1The Russian Exchange Student10/29/1988USA
1Countdown to Nowhere11/05/1988USA
1Bringing Down the House11/12/1988USA
1The Beast and Beauty11/19/1988USA
1The Fixer11/26/1988USA
1The Alien Solution12/03/1988USA
1Troubled Waters12/10/1988USA
1The Invisible People01/21/1989USA
1Kryptonite Kills01/28/1989USA
1Revenge of the Alien: Part 102/04/1989USA
1Revenge of the Alien: Part 202/11/1989USA
1Stand Up and Get Knocked Down02/18/1989USA
1Meet Mr. Mxyzptlk02/25/1989USA
1Birdwoman of the Swamps03/04/1989USA
1Terror from the Blue03/11/1989USA
1War of the Species03/18/1989USA
1Little Hercules04/15/1989USA
1The Phantom of the Third Division04/29/1989USA
1Black Flamingo05/06/1989USA
1Luthor Unleashed05/27/1989USA
2With This Ring, I Thee Kill10/07/1989USA
2Lex Luthor: Sentenced to Die!10/14/1989USA
2Young Dracula10/28/1989USA
2Nightmare Island11/04/1989USA
2Bizarro... the Thing of Steel11/11/1989USA
2The Battle with Bizarro11/18/1989USA
2Mr. and Mrs. Superboy11/25/1989USA
2Programmed for Death12/02/1989USA
2Superboy's Deadly Touch12/09/1989USA
2The Power of Evil12/16/1989USA
2Superboy... Rest in Peace12/30/1989USA
2Super Menace!01/13/1990USA
2Yellow Peri's Spell of Doom01/20/1990USA
2Run, Dracula, Run02/01/1990USA
2Abandon Earth02/17/1990USA
2Escape to Earth02/24/1990USA
2Nick Knack04/14/1990USA
2The Haunting of Andy McAlister04/21/1990USA
2Revenge from the Deep04/28/1990USA
2Secrets of Superboy05/05/1990USA
2Johnny Casanova and the Case of Secret Serum05/12/1990USA
2The Woman Called Tiger Eye05/19/1990USA
3The Bride of Bizarro: Part 110/06/1990USA
3The Bride of Bizarro: Part 210/13/1990USA
3The Lair10/20/1990USA
3Roads Not Taken: Part 111/03/1990USA
3Roads Not Taken: Part 211/10/1990USA
3The Sons of Icarus11/17/1990USA
3Test of Time12/01/1990USA
3Superboy... Lost12/15/1990USA
3Special Effects01/05/1991USA
3Neila and the Beast01/12/1991USA
3The Golem01/19/1991USA
3A Day in the Double Life01/26/1991USA
3Rebirth: Part 102/09/1991USA
3Rebirth: Part 202/16/1991USA
3People vs. Metallo04/06/1991USA
3Jackson and Hyde04/13/1991USA
3Mine Games04/20/1991USA
3Wish for Armageddon05/04/1991USA
3The Road to Hell: Part 105/18/1991USA
3The Road to Hell: Part 205/25/1991USA
4A Change of Heart: Part 110/06/1991USA
4A Change of Heart: Part 210/13/1991USA
4The Kryptonite Kid10/20/1991USA
4The Basement10/27/1991USA
4Darla Goes Ballistic11/03/1991USA
4Know Thine Enemy: Part 111/17/1991USA
4Know Thine Enemy: Part 211/24/1991USA
4Hell Breaks Loose12/01/1991USA
4Into the Mystery12/08/1991USA
4To Be Human: Part 101/19/1992USA
4To Be Human: Part 201/26/1992USA
4West of Alpha Centauri02/02/1992USA
4Threesome: Part 102/09/1992USA
4Threesome: Part 202/16/1992USA
4Out of Luck02/23/1992USA
4Who Is Superboy?03/01/1992USA
4Cat and Mouse04/19/1992USA
4Obituary for a Super Hero04/26/1992USA
4Rites of Passage: Part 105/10/1992USA
4Rites of Passage: Part 205/17/1992USA