SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Sinister Prime Minister01/08/200717
1The Big Freeze01/15/200715
1The Power Thief01/22/2007
1Nerd Alert01/29/2007
1Super Blane02/05/2007
1Spy Animals02/12/2007
1Forever Young02/19/2007
1Red Button Rampage02/26/2007
1The Fugitive03/05/2007
2It's a Kind of Magic01/07/2008
2Evil by Design01/14/2008
2Fit Up01/21/2008
2Face Off02/04/2008
2Big Sister02/11/2008
2Nano Nits02/18/2008
2The Others03/03/2008
3The Glove03/09/2008
3The Visit03/16/2008
2Spy Plane03/17/2008
2Asteroid Attack03/24/2008
3Art Attacks01/05/2009
3The Mole01/12/2009
3Agent X01/19/2009
3The Mind Machine01/27/2009
3Dark Star02/02/2009
3Fit to Wurst02/09/2009
3The New Grand Master02/16/2009
3Think Tank02/23/2009
3Family Tree03/02/2009
3Operation Flopsy03/23/2009
4Run Carrie Run01/04/2010
4Mrs King - Licence to Spy01/18/2010
4Don't Cook Now01/25/2010
4High School Spy Movie02/08/2010
4Black Hole02/15/2010
4Three Spies and a Baby02/22/2010
4Millionaire Flatley03/01/2010
4The Octopus03/15/2010
5Vote Skul01/10/2011
5Total Eclipse01/24/2011
5The Gran Master01/31/2011
5The Patient02/07/2011
5The Crystal of St Helena02/14/2011
5The Wasp02/21/2011
5Bully Elliot02/28/2011
5Tim Brown's Skul Days03/07/2011
5The First to Crack03/14/2011
5Day of the Jacket03/21/2011
6The Fall of Skul01/07/2013
6Grosse Encounters01/14/2013
6Mission: Incredible01/21/2013
6The Hive01/28/2013
6Old School02/04/2013
6The Germinator02/11/2013
6The Dark Wizard02/18/2013
6The Face of Revenge02/21/2013
6One Flew Over the Budgie's Cage03/04/2013
6Prison Break03/11/2013
6The Final Endgame03/25/2013
7The Mayze01/13/2014
7The Man Who Drew Tomorrow01/27/2014
7Revenge Is Sweet02/03/2014
7The Shadow Games02/10/2014
7The Beginning02/17/2014
7Return of the Dark Wizard02/24/2014
7Free Runner03/03/2014
7The League of Mata Hari03/10/2014
7Sad Men03/17/2014
7The Problem Probe03/24/2014
7We Need to Talk About Kortex03/31/2014
7The Last Stand04/07/2014