Are You Afraid of the Dark?

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Tale of the Twisted Claw10/31/1991NickelodeonUSA
1The Tale of the Phantom Cab08/15/1992NickelodeonUSA1310
1The Tale of the Lonely Ghost08/29/1992NickelodeonUSA
1The Tale of the Hungry Hounds09/12/1992NickelodeonUSA
1The Tale of the Super Specs09/19/1992NickelodeonUSA
1The Tale of the Captured Souls09/26/1992NickelodeonUSA
1The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors10/03/1992NickelodeonUSA
1The Tale of the Sorcerer's Apprentice10/10/1992NickelodeonUSA
1The Tale of Jake and the Leprechaun10/17/1992NickelodeonUSA
1The Tale of the Dark Music10/24/1992NickelodeonUSA
1The Tale of the Prom Queen11/07/1992NickelodeonUSA
1The Tale of the Pinball Wizard11/14/1992NickelodeonUSA
2The Tale of the Final Wish06/19/1993NickelodeonUSA
2The Tale of the Midnight Madness06/26/1993NickelodeonUSA
2The Tale of Locker 2207/03/1993NickelodeonUSA
2The Tale of the Thirteenth Floor07/10/1993NickelodeonUSA
2The Tale of the Dream Machine07/17/1993NickelodeonUSA
2The Tale of the Dark Dragon07/24/1993NickelodeonUSA
2The Tale of the Whispering Walls07/31/1993NickelodeonUSA
2The Tale of the Frozen Ghost08/14/1993NickelodeonUSA
2The Tale of the Full Moon08/21/1993NickelodeonUSA
2The Tale of the Shiny Red Bicycle08/28/1993NickelodeonUSA
2The Tale of the Magician's Assistant09/11/1993NickelodeonUSA
2The Tale of the Hatching09/25/1993NickelodeonUSA
2The Tale of Old Man Corcoran10/02/1993NickelodeonUSA
3The Tale of the Midnight Ride01/08/1994NickelodeonUSA
3The Tale of Apartment 21401/15/1994NickelodeonUSA
3The Tale of Watcher's Woods01/22/1994NickelodeonUSA
3The Tale of the Phone Police01/29/1994NickelodeonUSA
3The Tale of the Dollmaker02/05/1994NickelodeonUSA
3The Tale of the Bookish Babysitter02/12/1994NickelodeonUSA
3The Tale of the Carved Stone02/26/1994NickelodeonUSA
3The Tale of the Guardian's Curse03/05/1994NickelodeonUSA
3The Tale of the Curious Camera03/19/1994NickelodeonUSA
3The Tale of the Dream Girl03/26/1994NickelodeonUSA
3The Tale of the Quicksilver04/02/1994NickelodeonUSA
3The Tale of the Crimson Clown04/09/1994NickelodeonUSA
3The Tale of the Dangerous Soup04/16/1994NickelodeonUSA
4The Tale of the Renegade Virus10/01/1994NickelodeonUSA
4The Tale of the Long Ago Locket10/08/1994NickelodeonUSA
4The Tale of the Water Demons10/15/1994NickelodeonUSA
4The Tale of Cutter's Treasure: Part 110/29/1994NickelodeonUSA
4The Tale of the Quiet Librarian11/05/1994NickelodeonUSA
4The Tale of the Silent Servant11/12/1994NickelodeonUSA
4The Tale of the Room for Rent11/19/1994NickelodeonUSA
4The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner12/03/1994NickelodeonUSA
4The Tale of the Fire Ghost12/10/1994NickelodeonUSA
4The Tale of the Closet Keepers01/07/1995NickelodeonUSA
4The Tale of the Unfinished Painting01/14/1995NickelodeonUSA
4The Tale of Train Magic01/21/1995NickelodeonUSA
5The Tale of the Dead Man's Float10/07/1995NickelodeonUSA
5The Tale of Station 109.111/11/1995NickelodeonUSA
5The Tale of the Mystical Mirror11/18/1995NickelodeonUSA
5The Tale of Prisoners Past12/02/1995NickelodeonUSA
5The Tale of C712/09/1995NickelodeonUSA
5The Tale of the Manaha12/30/1995NickelodeonUSA
5The Tale of the Unexpected Visitor01/13/1996NickelodeonUSA
5The Tale of the Vacant Lot01/20/1996NickelodeonUSA
5The Tale of a Door Unlocked01/27/1996NickelodeonUSA
5The Tale of the Night Shift02/03/1996NickelodeonUSA
5The Tale of Badge04/20/1996NickelodeonUSA
5The Tale of the Jagged Sign11/04/1996NickelodeonUSA
6The Tale of the Virtual Pets02/01/1999NickelodeonUSA
6The Tale of the Forever Game02/06/1999NickelodeonUSA
6The Tale of the Misfortune Cookie02/13/1999NickelodeonUSA
6The Tale of the Zombie Dice02/27/1999NickelodeonUSA
6The Tale of the Gruesome Gourmets03/13/1999NickelodeonUSA
6The Tale of Jake the Snake03/20/1999NickelodeonUSA
6The Tale of the Hunted03/27/1999NickelodeonUSA
6The Tale of the Wisdom Glass04/03/1999NickelodeonUSA
6The Tale of the Walking Shadow04/10/1999NickelodeonUSA
6The Tale of Oblivion04/17/1999NickelodeonUSA
6The Tale of Vampire Town04/24/1999NickelodeonUSA
6The Tale of the Secret Admirer05/08/1999NickelodeonUSA
6The Tale of Bigfoot Ridge05/15/1999NickelodeonUSA
1The Tale of Laughing in the Dark08/15/1999NickelodeonUSA
7The Tale of the Silver Sight Part 104/02/2000NickelodeonUSA
7The Tale of the Lunar Locusts04/09/2000NickelodeonUSA
7The Tale of the Stone Maiden04/16/2000NickelodeonUSA
7The Tale of Highway 1304/23/2000NickelodeonUSA
7The Tale of the Reanimator04/30/2000NickelodeonUSA
7The Tale of the Time Trap05/07/2000NickelodeonUSA
7The Tale of the Photo Finish05/14/2000NickelodeonUSA
7The Tale of the Last Dance05/21/2000NickelodeonUSA
7The Tale of the Laser Maze05/28/2000NickelodeonUSA
7The Tale of Many Faces06/04/2000NickelodeonUSA
7The Tale of the Night Nurse06/11/2000NickelodeonUSA