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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Picking It Up10/18/1981BBC1UK33
1Nice People Die in Bed10/25/1981BBC1UK26
1Unlucky Dip11/01/1981BBC1UK
1Campaign for Silence11/08/1981BBC1UK
1See You in Moscow11/15/1981BBC1UK
1Portrait of Yesterday11/22/1981BBC1UK
1Last Chance for a Loser11/29/1981BBC1UK
1Late for a Funeral12/06/1981BBC1UK
1Relative Values12/13/1981BBC1UK
1The Hood and the Harlequin12/20/1981BBC1UK
2A Message for the Rich01/09/1983BBC1UK
2Always Leave Them Laughing01/16/1983BBC1UK
2Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie01/23/1983BBC1UK
2Prime Target01/30/1983BBC1UK
2Almost Like a Holiday02/06/1983BBC1UK
2Fall of a Birdman02/13/1983BBC1UK
2Miracle Every Week02/20/1983BBC1UK
2A Perfect Recapture02/27/1983BBC1UK
2The Moonlight Girls03/06/1983BBC1UK
3Ninety Per Cent Proof12/03/1983BBC1UK
3A Hole in the Bucket12/10/1983BBC1UK
3Holiday Snaps12/17/1983BBC1UK
3Ice Maiden12/24/1983BBC1UK
3Come Out Fighting12/31/1983BBC1UK
3A Touch of Eastern Promise01/07/1984BBC1UK
3A Cry in the Night01/14/1984BBC1UK
3The Company You Keep01/21/1984BBC1UK
3Tug of War01/28/1984BBC1UK
3House Guests02/04/1984BBC1UK
4The Last Interview10/11/1985 9:25 pmBBC1UK24
4Off Shore Trades10/18/1985BBC1UK
4What Dreams May Come?10/25/1985BBC1UK
4Low Profile11/01/1985BBC1UK
4Return of the Ice Maiden11/08/1985BBC1UK
4The Tennis Racket11/29/1985BBC1UK
4Sins of the Fathers12/13/1985BBC1UK
4Avenge, O Lord12/20/1985BBC1UK
4Fires in the Fall12/26/1986BBC1UK
5The Memory Man01/03/1987BBC1UK
5Winner Takes All01/10/1987BBC1UK
5Root and Branch01/17/1987BBC1UK
5A Desirable Little Residence01/24/1987BBC1UK
5The Deadly Virus01/31/1987 8:10 pmBBC1UK
5Thanks for Everything02/14/1987BBC1UK
5Treasure Hunt12/26/1987BBC1UK
6Whatever Lola Wants01/02/1988BBC1UK
6Crossed Swords01/09/1988BBC1UK
6A Horse of a Different Colour01/16/1988BBC1UK
6The Sin of Forgiveness01/30/1988BBC1UK
6A Man of Sorrows02/06/1988BBC1UK
6Private Fight02/13/1988BBC1UK
6Retirement Plan12/27/1988BBC1UK
7Sea Changes01/28/1989BBC1UK
7Natural Enemies02/04/1989BBC1UK
7Tangos in the Night02/11/1989BBC1UK14
7The Other Woman02/18/1989BBC1UK
7Weekend Off02/25/1989BBC1UK
7When Did You Last See Your Father?03/04/1989BBC1UK
7Old Acquaintance03/11/1989BBC1UK
7Trenchard's Last Case03/18/1989BBC1UK
7Second Time Around12/23/1989BBC1UK
8A True Detective (1 of 2)01/14/1990BBC1UK
8My Name's Sergeant Bergerac (2 of 2)01/21/1990BBC1UK
8The Dig01/28/1990BBC1UK
8Roots of Evil02/04/1990BBC1UK
8Entente Cordiale02/11/1990BBC1UK12
8In Love and War02/18/1990BBC1UK
8Under Wraps02/25/1990BBC1UK
8All the Sad Songs03/04/1990BBC1UK
8The Messenger Boy03/11/1990BBC1UK
8Diplomatic Incident03/18/1990BBC1UK
8There for the Picking12/26/1990BBC1UK
9Something to Hide01/05/1991BBC1UK
9The Dark Horse01/12/1991BBC1UK
9Snow in Provence01/19/1991BBC1UK
9The Evil That Men Do01/26/1991BBC1UK
9My Friend Charlie02/02/1991BBC1UK
9On the Rocks02/09/1991BBC1UK
9The Waiting Game02/16/1991BBC1UK
9The Assassin03/02/1991BBC1UK
9The Lohans03/09/1991BBC1UK
9All for Love12/26/1991BBC1UK