Lost Islands

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Snake Pit1976Ten NetworkAustralia12
1The Treasure of Tambu1976Ten NetworkAustralia12
1The Volcano's Secret 1976Ten NetworkAustralia17
1The Winds of Change1976Ten NetworkAustralia17
1Malo 1976Ten NetworkAustralia16
1Doomed 1976Ten NetworkAustralia12
1The Treasure Map 1976Ten NetworkAustralia12
1The Mysterious Stranger1976Ten NetworkAustralia16
1Skullduggery1976Ten NetworkAustralia13
1The Great Escape1976Ten NetworkAustralia13
1Jeremiah and the Widow1976Ten NetworkAustralia16
1The Thieves of Tambu1976Ten NetworkAustralia17
1The Deadly Bargain 1976Ten NetworkAustralia14
1Hanging Five1976Ten NetworkAustralia17
1The Sea Dragon1976Ten NetworkAustralia14
1Return to Malo1976Ten NetworkAustralia16
1Ye Confounded Wheels1976Ten NetworkAustralia14
1The Angry Mountain1976Ten NetworkAustralia14
1The Great Horse Race1976Ten NetworkAustralia13
1Birdman of Tambu1976Ten NetworkAustralia12
1The Magic Box 1976Ten NetworkAustralia13
1The Wizard of Tambu 1976Ten NetworkAustralia14
1The Slave Horse1976Ten NetworkAustralia16
1The Monster of Tambu1976Ten NetworkAustralia14
1Return of the Monster1976Ten NetworkAustralia14
1Captured02/01/1976Ten NetworkAustralia12