Ace of Wands

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
One and One and One Are Four: Part 107/29/1970ITVUK10
One and One and One Are Four: Part 208/05/1970ITVUK8
One and One and One Are Four: Part 308/12/1970ITVUK7
The Mind Robbers08/19/1970 5:20 pmITVUK11
The Mind Robbers: Part 208/26/1970ITVUK
The Mind Robbers: Part 309/02/1970ITVUK
The Mind Robbers: Part 409/09/1970ITVUK
Now you See It, Now You Don't09/16/1970ITVUK6
Now You See It, Now You Don't: Part 209/23/1970 5:20 pmITVUK
The Smile09/30/1970 5:20 pmITVUK8
The Smile: Part 210/07/1970 5:20 pmITVUK
The Smile: Part 310/14/1970 5:20 pmITVUK
The Smile: Part 410/21/1970 5:20 pmITVUK
Seven Serpents, Sulphur and Salt07/21/1971ITVUK6
Seven Serpents, Sulphur and Salt: Part 207/28/1971ITVUK
Seven Serpents, Sulphur and Salt: Part 308/04/1971ITVUK
Joker: Part 208/18/1971ITVUK
Joker: Part 308/25/1971 5:20 pmITVUK
Nightmare Gas: Part 109/01/1971 5:20 pmITVUK6
Nightmare Gas: Part 209/08/1971ITVUK8
Nightmare Gas: Part 309/15/1971ITVUK
The Eye of Ra09/22/1971ITVUK6
The Eye of Ra: Part 209/29/1971ITVUK
The Eye of Ra: Part 310/06/1971ITVUK
The Eye of Ra: Part 410/13/1971ITVUK
The Meddlers: Episode 107/19/1972 5:20 pmITVUK115
The Meddlers: Part 207/26/1972ITVUK
The Meddlers: Part 308/02/1972ITVUK
The Power of Atep: Part 108/09/1972ITVUK7
The Power of Atep: Episode 208/16/1972 5:20 pmITVUK83
The Power of Atep: Part 308/23/1972ITVUK5
The Power of Atep: Part 408/30/1972ITVUK4
Peacock Pie09/06/1972ITVUK5
Peacock Pie: Part 209/13/1972ITVUK
Peacock Pie: Part 309/20/1972ITVUK
Mama Doc09/27/1972 4:50 pmITVUK9
Mama Doc: Part 210/04/1972ITVUK
Mama Doc: Part 310/11/1972 4:50 pmITVUK
Sisters Deadly10/18/1972 4:50 pmITVUK11
Sisters Deadly: Part 210/25/1972 4:50 pmITVUK
Sisters Deadly: Part 311/01/1972ITVUK
The Beautiful People11/08/1972ITVUK8
The Beautiful People: Part 211/15/1972ITVUK
The Beautiful People: Part 311/22/1972 4:50 pmITVUK9
The Beautiful People: Part 411/29/1972 4:50 pmITVUK