Comic Strip Presents...

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Five Go Mad in Dorset11/02/1982Channel 4UK1412
1War01/03/1983Channel 4UK98
The Beat Generation01/17/1983UK10
Bad News Tour01/24/1983UK13
Summer School01/31/1983UK12
Five Go Mad on Mescalin11/02/1983UK13
Dirty Movie01/07/1984UK9
A Fistful of Travellers' Cheques01/21/198410:30 pmCH4UK9
Gino: Full Story and Pics01/28/1984UK13
Eddie Monsoon, a Life02/04/1984UK7
The Bullshitters: Roll out the Gunbarrel11/03/1984UK15
Consuela, or, the New Mrs. Saunders01/01/1986UK13
Private Enterprise01/02/1986UK17
The Strike02/20/1988UK15
More Bad News02/27/1988UK15
Mr. Jolly Lives Next Door03/05/1988UK16
The Yob03/12/1988UK27
Didn't You Kill My Brother?03/19/1988UK21
South Atlantic Raiders: Part 102/01/1990UK12
South Atlantic Raiders: Part 2 Argie Bargie!02/08/1990 9:00 pmBBC2UK14
GLC: The Carnage Continues...02/15/1990UK17
Spaghetti Hoops03/01/1990UK9
Les Dogs03/08/1990UK14
Red Nose of Courage04/09/1992UK16
The Crying Game05/05/1992UK19
Wild Turkey12/24/1992UK7
Detectives on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown04/22/1993UK16
Space Virgins from Planet Sex04/29/1993UK16
Queen of the Wild Frontier05/06/1993UK11
Gregory: Diary of a Nutcase05/13/1993UK15
Four Men in a Car04/12/1998UK7
Four Men in a Plane01/04/2000UK7
Sex Actually12/28/2005UK10