Appointment With Death

Rendez-vous avec la mort (Fr)


Michael Winner

The last of the Ustinov Poirots goes out with a whimper. To be fair the plot is less interesting than its predecessors. Worse, I think it was patently obvious who-did-it, and I thought Hannibal Lecter was a red herring.

20th February 2006

Peter Ustinov
Hercule Poirot
Lauren Bacall
Lady Westholme
Carrie Fisher
Nadine Boynton
John Gielgud
Colonel Carbury
Piper Laurie
Mrs. Emily Boynton
Hayley Mills
Miss Quinton
Jenny Seagrove
Dr. Sarah King
David Soul
Jefferson Cope
Nicholas Guest
Lennox Boynton
Valerie Richards
Carol Boynton
Amber Bezer
Ginevra Boynton
Michael Sarne
Healey (as Mike Sarne)
Mohammed Hirzalla
Rudy Ruggiero
Tourist Guide (as Ruggero Comploy)
Dan Muggia
Italian Policeman
Lutuf Nouasser
Boynton Driver (as Lutuf Nuayser)
Babi Neeman
Arab Vendor
Rupert Horrox
British Official
Hugh Brophy
British Official at Ball
Marcel Solomon
Ship's Captain
Aliza Ben-Moha
Michael Craig
Lord Peel
Iyad Hajjaj
Holyland Native
Douglas Sheldon
Captain Rogers
John Terlesky
Raymond Boynton